Free Your Data

We believe your data is your data! You are in control of everything you post and share. We will not claim anything you post or share on friendlydb is our content Ever. If you choose to remove a post, the post is gone forever... we don't keep backup copies... Besides who wants to store that much data? If you decide to cancel your account or delete items you have posted we do not keep backup copies, Your items and account information are removed forever. We will not sell or give away your data, the only exception is if your data is requested with a proper warrant from law enforcement.

Set profile privacy levels on the main page

Your privacy is important to us. We make it easy to set your preferences

We are not afraid to use a "dislike" button

Unlike other sites we are not afraid to let you show that you don't like something... Besides how you can have a like button and not have a dislike button? If you are offended by a dislike button, don't use this site. Freedom of speech isn't always pretty.

Link your account to Facebook and Twitter (not required)

If you so choose you can easily link your account with facebook and Twitter.

The goal is to protect free speech

We believe in free speech which means we won't block your posts if we don't agree with your views...

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